Why Triathlon, Why Now?

A year ago I was living a simple life of work, family time and a few weekly workouts at the gym and outdoor runs here and there.  I felt pretty fit and healthy, but something was missing –  I just didn’t know what.  

I was about to enrol in the famous Wadi B relay race through the UAE and Oman mountainous region, a fantastic 80 km run in a team of 4.  Seemed like a good challenge, but when I went to visit the registration site I noticed another race was on that weekend. It was the iconic TRIYAS, sprint and Olympic distance triathlon held at Sunset on and around the Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Formula 1Race Track.  The triathlon  was only 3 weeks away, I hesitated, something in my head said, do it, do a triathlon. I have no idea why, I hadn’t done any real swim training in years, didn’t own a bike, and my running was average to say the least.  But I signed up for the sprint distance triathlon anyway.

Three days later I drove up to Dubai to buy my bike (thank goodness they were having a sale), I won’t even mention how much I spent in that one visit.  I got to ride the bike twice before the race, managed to find a pool to do some laps, and did a couple of last minute runs.  Next thing I know it’s race day, wow there are a lot rules, lot of things to remember, a lot of expensive looking gear and a lot of fit people – eek. What was I thinking!  The water was freezing (for me that is pretty much anything under 28degrees Celsius) I got kicked in the side, someone kept grabbing my foot and I had no idea what direction I was going in…..sounds like fun hey?  Anyway some how I found my way out of the water, on to the bike and on my way, I thought I was flying on the bike (when I look at my times now I was actually hardly moving), all good.  I get back to transition change to the run….and then hang on – my legs aren’t working…slowest 5km of my life…..I crossed the finish line of my first ever triathlon – and I knew from that moment that this was something I wanted to keep doing.  I can’t explain what it is….might be a Type A personality thing?

Next was the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon, where I got a taste of the real deal.  What an amazing and exciting event and it only further concreted my strong desire to continue with triathlon.  3 weeks after ADIT I competed in another sprint triathlon (a more low key social event) which was just as much fun, and with an amazing group of people.  Then the most amazing and special thing happened through this sport – I joined an amazing group called ONEndurance and have met some inspiring, energetic, passionate, wonderful  people, some of whom I already know I will keep life long friendships with.

So that kind of sums up Why Triathlon, so for the Why Now?  I guess that is what life does sometimes – it sends you what you need when you need it – you just have to wait for the cues.  I know a lot of people think Triathlon is a crazy sport, and that Triathletes are insane, intense, over spending loonies.  But seriously just TRI it – and just maybe it will change your life like it has mine……

So like any true age grouper triathlete I have gone straight for a big race and on the 1st of December 2013 I will race my first half long distance triathlon at Challenge Phuket  (in other words a half ironman triahlon or a 70.3 (miles that is)- but someone already bought the rights to both of those words)….the next 9 weeks will be all about my training, nutrition and juggling that with full time work, a hubby and 4 year old son.  Oh and I might just tell you why I picked a Challenge event and not an Ironman for my first big race (its a little to do my non-conformist personality)…..

I hope you enjoy my blogs and my journey……..xx



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