Road to Phuket – Learning to Endure

INS594ThisTooShallPass [Converted]Today is the end of 10 weeks of training, and less than 6 weeks until race day.  This 4 week block of training is called “Learning to endure”, and that is certainly what this week was all about.  

I had a HUGE week and covered 222 Kms, over 12 hours and burnt a whopping 6,500 calories (just to give some perspective – that equates to 4 and half McDonald’s Big Mac meals – that’s scary) .

I had some really challenging yet satisfying sessions this week. In particular was the long ride on Friday morning.  It went something like this – 100 km’s of awesomeness…..Everyone was so in the zone though that we didn’t take any pictures of this momentous session. We had some funny  and great moments over our 3 and half hours of riding;

  1. all 3 ladies on the ride peeing behind the red and white barriers at the end of the 1st loop – a first!
  2. the secret cafe – where Jorge did his weekly shopping and then continued to eat a whole packet of biscuits using his aero bars as a snack bar
  3. Allan having to stop to pee, then had to wait for the support car (driven by my husband with our 4-year-old in the back) as my son had to pee in the bushes as well – another first.
  4. and last but not least – the whole group maintaining a 30km/hr speed over 90- with a nice cool down over the last 10 back to the car – another first

Everyone else was wise enough to hit the road – however a few of us crazies had a 40 minute run to do after the ride – that almost broke me. By friday afternoon I was a drooling mess on the couch.  I still had an hour and half run to do the next morning followed by a 3km swim. Eek…I managed it though – but the run was very tough.  I had to dig deep to keep going as I wanted to stop from about 10 minutes in…never a good sign.

So this brings me to the point about enduring and what keeps me going. It’s not overly complicated.  As soon as I feel like I want to stop, or I feel tired, or something starts hurting – I travel to that place in my body and I send my energy there.  This is going to sound deep – but it’s what I do, honest – I then try to collectively think of all the people who are suffering every day, from people close to me, to people I don’t know and have never met. I take this pain and  I think about it – and I compare it to what I am feeling at that moment and I realise it is nothing.  I realise that I am very lucky to be doing what I am doing – there are many who can’t.  Then what I am feeling eases (it never fully disappears) but it goes away enough for me to keep going.  Then I reach the end of my training session and I feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. I always remember very clearly the chapter from Eckhart Tolles’ book “A New Earth” where he describes how every thought, feeling and situation (good and bad) in our life is temporary – it is summed up by the quote “this too shall pass...”

Endurance: It is the spirit which can bear things, not simply with resignation, but with blazing hope. It is the quality which keeps a man on his feet with his face to the wind. It is the virtue which can transmute the hardest trial into glory because beyond the pain it sees the goal.” 
― AnonymousCome Be My Follower


One thought on “Road to Phuket – Learning to Endure

  1. Wow. Truly inspiring. I need to learn from you and find a way to endure with a spirit of hope! Keep going honey, you are almost there – the next 6 weeks will fly by x x x

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