Why Triathlon is awesome – according to me!

Abu Dhabi Pink Aquathon

Abu Dhabi Pink Aquathon 2013

So I have been thinking more this week about what I really enjoy about being part of the Triathlon and multi-sport community.  I realised today that the swim, bike, run crowd are pretty awesome.  

What makes triathlon even better is that it is very good for socialising.  If you train and compete in triathlons you now have an extended connection with people who participate not only in triathlon, but also aquathons, biathlons and then of course you can converse very easily with short and long distance runners, cyclists and the illusive masters swimmers.  Although anyone practising only one of the disciplines thinks triathletes are a bunch of lunatics – they are still nice enough to talk to us.

We can discuss running styles, heart rate monitors, power meters.  We know all the local spots for riding, running and biking.  We know the opening and closing times, along with the cost of entry to every pool and beach in town.  We can tell you on any given day what the temperature was at 5.30am in the morning and we are normally the first to know what the weather is up to.  We know the full race schedule for the season, and then spend enormous amounts of time trying to race in every event, whilst also doing our training for triathlons which are always at the end of the season.

So what is it about people attracted to Triathlon?   I read an article in Forbes magazine that proposed the personality traits of individuals drawn to endurance and multi-sport, it stated that  “These traits include persistence, endless curiosity, a lack of fear when it comes to failure and a sense of boldness”. http://www.forbes.com/2008/09/22/endurance-race-training-forbeslife-cx_avd_0922sports.html

Maybe we have slight Type A personalities and Triathlon gives us an opportunity to let these traits loose (competitive, ambitious, impatient, aggressive,……), whilst we spend the rest of the time madly trying to stay Type B’s (which seem to have a lot more fun, lower blood pressure and statistically live longer – but not as long as Type C’s)? What do you think?



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