Road to Phuket – when it rains it pours – 4 weeks till race day

when it rains it poursSo tonight in 4 weeks time I will have checked in my bike, packed my transition bags and be eating my last meal before my first half long distance triathlon. I hope I am not feeling like I do today. I feel like someone has taken all of the energy out of my body and sapped me clean of the excitement I have been carrying since I embarked on this journey 9 months ago.

You see naturally under ‘Murphy’s law’ and the idiom “when it rains it pours’, I seem to have a few things all happening simultaneously that I am absolutely certain are increasing my stress index scores. Here is what I have going on in the next 4 weeks:

  • resigning and leaving my job of 3 years
  • preparing to move out of my house of 3 years and moving to a serviced apartment
  • preparing to leave a country I have been a resident of for almost 13 years
  • selling my car; and if my calculations are right,
  • approximately 40 hours of triathlon training; and last but most importantly,
  • leaving behind an amazing group of friends, the majority of whom I only found after 12 years of being here and I have Triathlon to thank for leading me to them.

Great. I guess they say that “things are meant to test you” and “you don’t get anything you can’t handle”, blah, blah blah. I actually would have just liked to have had some stability whilst attempting the biggest physical test of my life, is that really too much to ask for?

Anyway I am being rather dramatic and I know that everything will work out and be fine – and yes what can go wrong may and inevitably will go wrong, nothing I can really do about it. I think I may have willed this when I said I wanted to learn how to better control my nerves and stress levels in times of pressure.

One thing I have noticed though is a correlating fatigue, I put it down to the increase in training, however no-one else seems to be feeling quite as “dead” as I am after our training sessions at the moment. I definitely think that major life changes and the underlying subconscious stress that they cause, effect your physical fitness and ability to recover. I am starting to have a growing interest in sports psychology, something I may pursue in the hiatus I will have while waiting for a green card in the US. The longer I am on the planet, the more I am realising the power of the human mind, and its impact on the body.

If I find any answers I promise to share them, but in the mean time…..



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