Road to Phuket – 4 sleeps until race day!

This is your life. Do what you love....

This is your life. Do what you love….

Wow I am counting down to race day like I used to when I was a kid before my birthday or Christmas.  I really can’t believe that I am on my taper week and Friday morning I arrive in Thailand to start the final preps and bike check-in – ready to race first thing Sunday morning.  It all seems a little surreal and this week  everything seems to be going in slow motion, but really fast at the same time!

I have  to be honest though I  almost lost all my excitement for this race.  From the moment I found out that our good friend Medhi had been hit by a speeding car whilst cycling, and after seeing him in the ICU, I lost of lot of motivation and drive.  This race seemed so insignificant, unimportant and almost trivial – I was struggling to get through my training sessions and I even missed a few.  For almost 2 weeks we hoped that there would be some sort of miracle and that we would be told that he was going to be fine.  That news never came, and on the 20th of November Medhi passed away. Honestly I was and still am absolutely devastated.

I really started to ask myself how I was going to finish this race as I was feeling completely deflated. This news combined with so many other changes going on in my life (moving house, leaving my job, leaving the country) left me feeling totally drained.  So you can not imagine my surprise when on Thursday night I get a message from my good friend Amanda ( that with 9 days to go before race day she has contacted the race organisers and done a late registration….. I can’t explain how excited this got me.  I am absolutely amazed and inspired by her decision – it put my mindset in perspective. So we are now in together on this craziness and I have someone to share my concerns with and ask questions to and basically share some of stress and excitement.  It really is true what they say about people coming into your life for a reason and 2013 has brought me some of the most special people.

Gorgeous fellow fit chicks Kim and Amanda

Gorgeous fellow fit chicks Kim and Amanda

I have also been overwhelmed by the generosity of my work colleagues and friends who so generously donated to operation smile and helped me reach my goal of raising 10,000Dhs before race day.  My current total raised is 12,000Dhs. Thank you so much for supporting me and Operation Smile…it has helped every step of the way.

So I will try to blog again before race day – but if not I will tell you all about it in my next blog.

Stay tuned cause I think this is just the beginning of something great.

something great



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Born in Australia, ran away with the Royal Australian Navy when I was 18. Travelled the world, ran out of money. Ended up in the United Arab Emirates in 2001. Married and American, somehow ended up in America - craving to be back out in the world again!. Oh and I do triathlon as a cheaper form of therapy!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your friends passing. Although I obviously didn’t know him, I can only imagine that if he was passionate about the sport, you will pay him great tribute by racing your best this weekend.

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