Wonderful Challenge Phuket race reflection from the amazing Amanda (aka Cavegirltris)…..


I’m writing this from Phuket airport, reflecting on the past week. As you know from my previous post, I signed up for the Challenge Laguna Phuket 70.3 a mere 9 days before the race, to honour our friend and team mate Mehdi, who sadly lost his life in a cycling accident. Now, I can’t believe the race is all over.

Leyla and I arrived in Phuket with 48 hours to get organised. On the day we arrived Leyla’s husband William assembled our bikes, and we registered to pick up our race packs. The day was rainy, but also hot and humid, so we were apprehensive about what race day would hold. Hills with rain would be treacherous, and heat on the run would be no fun.

On Saturday, we went to the race start on the beach for a gentle swim, hopped on our bikes to test the set up…

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