TRI Yas Abu Dhabi 2014 – Race Report

Race:  TriYAs

Date:  28th February 2014

Distance:  Olympic (1500/39km/10km)

Fit Chicks at Tri Yas
Fit Chicks at Tri Yas
ONEndurance Team pre race
ONEndurance Team pre race

As I expected it was an awesome day of racing and the atmosphere was fantastic. I had a great race with no major issues, but did make one error on the bike that could have, but luckily didn’t, cost me too much!

The Swim

1.5km in the Yas Marina with a double loop.  The swim was fine and with a wetsuit on I felt pretty strong.  As I haven’t been training with a wetsuit for almost a year I did get a bit claustrophobic at the start and for about the first 500meters.  I managed to get away from the large group and had my own space from about 750m and this helped me relax and focus on my technique and breathing.  I felt pretty good coming out of the water. My goal was between  25-30 minutes and when I looked down on the swim exit I was right on 25 minutes which was great.

The Bike

Smooth transition on to the bike.  TRI Yas Olympic is 8 loops of the F1 Circuit and the course was supposed to be 39kms.  I put my head down and was maintaining a pretty good speed, taking advantage of the corkscrew and back straight.  I was keeping count of laps as I wanted to make sure I took some nutrition in on my 4th lap.  For some reason though, after the 4th lap I stopped counting.  I was then only able to rely on my Garmin GPS for how far I had gone.  I looked down on what was my 7th lap and saw 36kms very close to the bike exit.  I thought to myself “that can’t be right” the course is 39kms – I must have to do another lap.  So off I went on another loop. When I got to the top of the hill I saw one of the ladies from my age group already running – mmm, that doesn’t seem right – was I really that slow on the bike?  Either way I pushed out the last lap and flew in to T2 and didn’t think about it again.

I'm flying right?
I’m flying right?

The Run

I was off  the bike smoothly and my legs felt pretty good.  I took it fairly easy for the first 1km then changed up gears.  My pace was good and I felt really strong so I decided to push as far as I could without jeopardising my technique.  This allowed me to overtake about 4 women (and a few men as well).  I held pace and form for the whole run and crossed line feeling like I had really given my all. I heard the announcer say I was the 8th women across the line and I was pretty happy with that!

It was then great to watch the rest of the ONEndurance team cross the line and to celebrate their racing.  It wasn’t until we started discussing times that I realised everyone else had much faster bike splits than me – and the course was only 37km on the Garmin – not 39km.  My distance was 41km and I realised that I had done a 9th lap. I was so angry at myself – I tried not to get too upset about it, but it was really disappointing  and worst of all I was sure that it had cost me a place.  I snuck off to the bathrooms to get changed and have some alone time – I didn’t want my bad/sulky mood to ruin anyones celebrations. I had a quick chat with myself – i.e. – I told myself to get over it – and went back out to the finish line.

We decided to stay and watch the award ceremony, where another member of our team won his age group.  You can not believe my surprise then when I heard my name called out for 2nd place in the Women’s 31-40 Category.  I don’t think anyone else was expecting that either (given my little error)  – so it was a surprise for me and the whole team!  I was so happy to have placed, as part of my disappointment was that I let people down – especially those that have supported my journey over the last year!  I am so glad I was able to make them proud! Then just when I thought the evening couldn’t get any better Omar Nour came to greet me as I left the stage – my goodness life is great right now!

Tri Yas Award ceremony 2nd place 31-40 age group me and Omar Nour tri Yas onendurance winnings

Final results:

Finish Time:  2.32.19 (without the 2nd loop 2.24ish)

Swim:  25.14

Bike:     1.14.45

Run:       46.56


One thought on “TRI Yas Abu Dhabi 2014 – Race Report

  1. Congratulations on a great race!! We all make mistakes from time to time…that’s what makes us human 😉 You still had a great finish time despite the “bonus” loop!! Way to rock it lady!!

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