Abu Dhabi International Triathlon 2014 – When a dream becomes reality!

Saturday marked the 5th anniversary of the “glamourous” Abu Dhabi International Triathlon.  I was lucky enough to be one of the 2400 competitors this year, and took on the Short Course distance which consists of a 1.5km swim, 100km bike ride and 10km run.

One year ago this was my second triathlon and I did the sprint distance (750/50/5).  I remember seeing the competitors lined up for the short distance race and thinking to myself – I am going to do that next year.  That will be me.  As 2013 rolled on, my ambition grew stronger and my goal was not only to be there, but to attempt to finish in the top 10 women.  It seems that Triathlon brings out my ambitious side – and after only finishing 2 sprint distance races I signed up for the the Phuket Challenge half ironman distance and already had my eyes sharply set on ADIT short course for 2014.

On Saturday my dream become a reality as I finished 8th in the 30-39 womens age group and finished 3mins faster than my goal  – at 4 hours and 27 minutes.  Trust me though – this didn’t just happen by luck…it has been the amalgamation of fully dedicating myself to my training, completly changing my mindset, and keeping my nutrition as clean as possible.

So how did my race go.  Perfectly. Here is how it went:

1.  Swim – that’s what I did, with my everything


2.  Ride – yep – I did that to and I pushed those little legs to their maximum (there is still more room for improvement there though)

ADIT bike

3.  Run – yep I sure did….Although I have run faster 10km’s – under the hot conditions and after a 100km ride I was happy with my 5k/min pace.

ADIT Run leg

That’s it- shortest race report ever.

What really inspired me on Saturday was the amazing women that were their giving it their all. We are still so small in numbers compared to the male entrants – this was obvious on race morning when the men were sneaking in to the ladies bathrooms due the huge line up for the mens – we also had a transition tent that was about 1/4 of the size of theirs.  But..the ladies who were out there racing were pushing out some awesome times, showing guts, grit and mental strength that gives the boys a run for their money.

Keep pushing ladies –  because Fit Chicks Tri!

This race also marked the end of my time in Abu Dhabi and my final farewell to amazing group of people who have enriched my life considerably over the past year.  I hope to take everything you all have taught me, and bring to my new life in North Carolina. Any new group I join is going to have a lot to live up to – I know that much.


The FitChick  x


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