Work out of the week!


So I’ve decided to share one of my favourite workouts with you each week while I am training for Eagleman 70.3 which is on the 8th of June.  This week’s workout is courtesy of Liam Bromilow, Head Coach and Owner of T3 Coaching who I am currently lucky enough to have coaching me for my next race and hopefully beyond.  Check T3 Coaching out  here for personalised coaching  to get you to your goal.

Workout of the Week 

TYPE: Strength Bike Session   – (on a wind trainer)

DURATION:  1 hour

Warm up with:

5.00mins @ 90rpm

5.00mins @ 100rpm

5.000mins @ 110rpm

Main Set:

4.30 mins big gear slow cadence (60rpm)

3.00 mins mid range gear fast cadence (90+rpm)

2.30 rest (soft gear)

REPEAT 4 times (you will feel it on the last one trust me)

5.00 mins cool down

ENJOY – I know I did!




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