Work out of the week (a bit late)


Ok,  so here is this weeks work out of the week (for last week – Mummy duties got in the way).

Moderate Swim Session;

I loved this one provided by Coach Liam Bromilow from T3 Coaching based in Brisbane Australia. It took away the boredom of just going up and down the pool and the 10 x 100’s – well what can I say…:)

3000m Pool Swim Session

200 Freestyle

400 pull

600 pull + paddles

400 pull

200 Freestyle

10 x 100m (leaving on 1:50 – or wherever will give you a short break between your finishing – no less then around 10sec or your just not going to be able to keep form for that many 100’s (in my humble opinion anyway).

200m pull

10 x 50m on :55. Again take note of the above suggestion.

200m choice.

I know it sounds pretty awful – but I absolutely enjoyed this swim session and felt great at the end of it.  I hope you do to.





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