So I’m a little broken….but that’s ok!


I thought that things where going too good to be true.  After 8 weeks of pretty full-on training in Australia – I came back to Abu Dhabi feeling strong and fit ready to take on the Yas Olympic Distance Tri and the Short Distance (kind of a 70.3) at Abu Dhabi International.  After 2 great races – I was still feeling amazing.  After arriving in my new home in North Carolina (which was bloody freezing by the way) I took a full week off from training then started on my next training phase preparing for Eagleman Ironman 70.3 in Cambridge Maryland on the 8th of June.

2 weeks in to my new training in the US I headed out for what was supposed to be a pretty light 30mins run.  Around 20 mins in to the run I felt a popping sensation come out of no where in my left calf.  I hoped it was a cramp, but I knew it wasn’t because I have never cramped before and it just felt different – something wasn’t right. I managed to hobble home – and by that night my calf was quite painful and I was having trouble walking.  I hoped that by the next day it would be gone, and just decided to ice and rest myself and see how it went. After a week I attempted another light run on the treadmill, but again about 15mins in to the run my calf started to tighten and felt like it was about to pop again – bummer.

It was time for a bit more serious help – and I called up a place I had seen on the internet here call Precision Fitness (if you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina Area I highly recommend them). Luckily I was able to get in to see Donna the Bodywork Therapist (how cool does that sound) there who worked pretty hard on my calf, pushing out the adhesions and giving me some pretty intense icing sessions.  With rest, ice and massage after 3 weeks my calf seems to be back at about 95% – next week will be the test when I add some runs back in to my training plan.  I was feeling pretty good about my calf’s fairly fast recovery, and really ready to get back in to training when all of sudden I started to get pain through my left shoulder, which radiated down in to the palm of my hand causing a tingling sensation –  really, I am seriously starting to fall apart.  Luckily I was already scheduled to see Bill  who is the Founder and a Corrective Exercise and Human Performance Specialist (again – how cool!) at Precision Fitness,  who was going to work on my apparently non-functioning glute muscles (the possible reason why my calf muscle gave out) and he was able to do some magic on my shoulder and send me off strapped up with K-tape like a CrossFitter.


I was starting to feel a bit sorry for myself, with just a little bit of the “why me’s” sneaking in, and then I thought – you know what  – all of this stuff can be fixed.  After a year of pretty intense training in triathlon, some things are taking their toll, but it’s all fixable.  What these little injuries have done have allowed me to re-connect with my body, to start to focus more on maintaining a good core, and the importance of strength training and alignment in order to perform well in swim, bike run.  So in a way,  although breaking a little bit is annoying, I think it is going to make me stronger in the long run. What it also has done is given me a greater appreciation of what my body is capable of, and appreciating how lucky I am to have this opportunity right now to focus on something I absolutely love – Triathlon.


With only 6 weeks to go till Eagleman  I now know that it  will be a learning race – with the few little injuries combined with so much change happening recently in my life I am listening more to my body and my head to ensure that I simply make it to race day and enjoy the experience with my fellow Fit Chick Amanda.  I have plenty more time and races to see just how good and how far I can go with Tri, and of course there is the “big one” (full Ironman) still hanging in the (not so) distant future.

So yeah – right now I am a little bit broken, but it all can be fixed – it’s all part of the journey.





One thought on “So I’m a little broken….but that’s ok!

  1. Jools

    Great attitude my friend and so sad to hear of more injuries…. If anyone has the determination and mind-set to take this hump in the road and turn into into a positive – it is you…. Go get ’em xxx

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